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Hi there! My name is Mariah and I'm the brain and heart behind Memorable Moments. I am so glad you're here! Feel free to take a look around and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! 

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The Beginning

April 28, 2023 was the beginning not only for Memorable Moments but also the beginning of forever with my sweet husband. After being together for over 7 years, we finally decided to get hitched and start our forever together. While planning our wedding, I quickly noticed I had an eye for detail and the determination to bring our dreams to life. Wedding day went smoothly thanks to amazing vendors and the color coded schedules I made for everyone helped, too:) I had received so many compliments on our wedding and decided to give this new venture a go. After coordinating my first client wedding, I quickly found my passion for event planning and coordinating. There is something about bringing someones dream wedding or party to life and seeing their face light up that makes it so enjoyable. I am so excited for what the future has to offer for Memorable Moments by Mariah and I hope you'll consider letting us make some memorable moments for you!

Our Vision

To help clients embrace the most important moments of their lives without the hassle of planning, implementing, and deconstructing their event.

Our Mission

To provide a united approach to event planning by developing a strong business foundation, partnering with community businesses, and establishing a diverse client population.

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